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Lodago & Pipedrive Integration demo
Evolve Sales Director, Bruce Bignell, explores the Lodago and Pipedrive integration with Co-founder/CRO Ivan Grisedale.
#22 Lodago – Ivan Grisedale
Bruce talks all things Lodago and Pipedrive with Ivan Grisedale.
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We know first hand just how impactful Pipedrive can be to SMEs and scale-up businesses who have lofty sales targets but might not know how they’re going to reach them without making a change. Or the business that is chasing operational efficiencies and is tired of error prone manual data entry.

Our team specialise in getting the most out of Pipedrive. We implement, consult and train, all things Pipedrive, building integrations between apps, automating your processes, and helping you to manage your data. We work with the best sales and marketing apps to generate leads, drive growth and reduce manual work.

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