Pipedrive: frequently asked questions

You've got Pipedrive questions, we've got the answers. Here's our experts answers to some of the most common questions we get about Pipedrive CRM.

How do I create a new pipeline in Pipedrive?

In Pipedrive your deals are organised into a pipeline, which lets you visualise your sales process and move deals along these stages. As this is the main interface of Pipedrive, we wrote a whole article about the Sales Pipeline to help you understand this key concept.

In essence you're responsible for naming the different stages of your pipeline in a way that makes sense for your business.

A typical pipeline will follow this order:
New Enquiry
Meeting arranged
Needs defined
Build Proposal
Proposal sent

Read more about how you can create a new pipeline in Pipedrive here: https://www.weevolvebusiness.com/blog/what-is-a-sales-pipeline

How much does Pipedrive cost?

Pipedrive has four plans you can choose from. They start with the Essential plan which is £14.90/per seat per month when billed annually.

The next tier up is the Advanced plan which is £27.90/per seat per month when billed annually.Then there is the Professional plan (the most popular) which costs £49.90/per seat per month when billed annually. Then there is the Power plan which costs £64.90/per seat per month when billed annually.

And finally for large companies there is the Enterprise plan which costs £79.90/per seat per month when billed annually.To find out which plan is right for you, drop us a line and speak to one of our experts today: https://www.weevolvebusiness.com/contact

How do I import my data into Pipedrive?

Importing your data into Pipedrive is a straightforward process. You can easily import XLS, CSV and XLSX files. This will allow you to add leads as well as deals with just one click - no need for any manual inputting or formatting required.To make sure everything lines up correctly before importing anything though it's important that you spend some time understanding how the data will be structured in Pipedrive.

You can learn more about importing data into Pipedrive with spreadsheets here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/importing-data-into-pipedrive-with-spreadsheets

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a sales CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople. It was designed to be a Sales Enablement tool, that helps you figure out the most effective way to convert prospects into paying customers.

Using Activity Based Selling, you can keep track of the actions you need to make and quickly visualise which stage your leads are at in their journey so that when they get closer and further away from becoming a client/customer it will be easier for sales teams.

This CRM platform also has powerful analytics that let's you really dig down into your customer data and key business performance indicators.

Learn more about what Pipedrive is, and why Pipedrive is ideal for SME's and scaling companies: https://www.weevolvebusiness.com/pipedrive-best-crm-for-small-businesses

What is a custom field in Pipedrive?

If you need a field in Pipedrive that does not exist by default, it can always be created as a custom field. Not only will it let you document any additional information that is required, but categorizing deals and contacts by data in these fields can provide an easy way for filtering.

To learn more about how you can add custom fields to Pipedrive you can read this article: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/custom-fields