Here’s how to keep your sales and marketing tools connected

Here’s how to keep your sales and marketing tools connected

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May 6, 2022

If you’re spending hours and hours manually syncing data between your various marketing platforms and CRM, then this article is for you.

We’re going to show you how you can save a ton of time by connecting all your tools together using Outfunnel, so you’ll no longer have to waste hours manually entering data. Now you can ensure you have one source of truth across the team so that you can focus on closing more deals and growing sales.

In this article we’re going to walk you through setting up Mailchimp, Gravity Form and Calendly.

We spoke with Markus Leming, co-founder and Head of Product at Outfunnel who took us through some of the most popular ways that sales and marketing teams use Outfunnel. You can think of Outfunnel as the brain in the centre that connects all of your sales and marketing apps together.

You can also watch this tutorial here.

The uses cases for these apps are:

  • Get leads on your website and automatically add them to Pipedrive
  • Use Pipedrive filters to define which contacts are synced to Mailchimp, along with Pipedrive labels and custom fields.
  • Add booked meetings to Pipedrive so your sales reps can see and manage their meetings directly in their activities

Tech Stack

Note: We’ve already authenticated the apps we’re going to connect to but this step only takes a few clicks.

Connecting a Form (Gravity forms)

Here’s how to start getting leads to be automatically added to Pipedrive via your chosen form tool.

1) Choose the app from the list and click Create Connection.

2) Choose which form you would like to track.

3) Map the fields you want to sync.

4) Choose how you want to record the engagement in Pipedrive. We’ve selected to record the engagement as an Activity.

  • Authenticate – this is a few clicks
  • Map the fields you want to sync & Choose how you want the engagement to be record
  • CLICK ACTIVATE – Info is recorded instantly


1) Select the Mailchimp app from the list and authenticate, then all you need to do is click “Create Connection”.

2.Choose which contact lists you want to sync. You can either choose to sync all of your contacts or, what we’re doing in the example below is choosing a filter in Pipedrive and an audience segment in Mailchimp.  

3)  Map the fields you want to sync

Note: If you’re getting contacts sign up straight to your Mailchimp account, you can also switch on the option: ‘Select contacts to sync from Mailchimp to Pipedrive’ which will make sure you keep your CRM up to date.

4) Choose how you want to record the Engagements in Pipedrive.

  • Choose target list
  • Then select which fields you want to record

Note: You can add an unsubscribe field, so that your sales reps will know the leads status and not to engage with them

5) Final Step: Click the Activate button and your connection is now live. One important thing to keep in mind is that the Mailchimp sync runs every 4 hours. However, you can also trigger this manually.


1) Select the Calendly app from the list and authenticate, then all you need to do is click “Create Connection”.

2) Select which meeting you want to sync to.

3) Map the fields you want to capture. And choose how you want to record the engagement in Pipedrive. We’ve selected to record it as an activity.

4) Click the Activate button and it’s live. What now happens is that when someone books a meeting, that meeting will automatically get created on the relevant contact (salesperson) in Pipedrive and they will see the booking in their activity like below.

So that was a quick overview of how you can connect some of the most popular sales and marketing tools. It’s super straightforward and each connection can be set up in a matter of minutes. Now your sales and marketing teams can keep track of all of their activity in Pipedrive and manage everything incredibly easily using Outfunnel.

If you want to learn more about how Pipedrive can help save you up to 40 hours a week in manual tasks and grow your business, get in touch and book in a free consultation here.

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Our team specialise in getting the most out of Pipedrive. We implement, consult and train, all things Pipedrive, building integrations between apps, automating your processes, and helping you to manage your data. We work with the best sales and marketing apps to generate leads, drive growth and reduce manual work.

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