How to improve your email deliverability with Mailshake
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How to improve your email deliverability with Mailshake

Posted on
March 3, 2023


We had the pleasure of having Pablo Gallego, account executive at Mail Shake on the Evolve Pipedrive Podcast. In this post we'll cover the main talking points of our conversation.

Our conversation with Pablo was wide ranging, we discussed email deliverability, multi-channel marketing, Pipedrive, and developing a great company culture. We then got into how you can use Mailshake for cold email automation, its key features, integrations, and Pipedrive sales apps.

About Pablo

Pablo Gallego is an account executive at Mailshake and a founding member of their outbound efforts at Mailshake. He has been working in the SaaS space since 2019 and has his own podcast. Pablo is passionate about leadership, team development and creating a culture of growth and fulfillment. He is currently working on his first book, how to Create an Irresistible Workplace, as well as creating the first company culture marketplace called Lustermind.


  • Mailshake self engagement platform and multi-channel approach
  • Email deliverability and warming up inboxes
  • Building trust with prospects
  • Developing a company culture and team development
  • Integrating Mailshake with Pipedrive
  • Using Mailshake for sales and marketing professionals
  • Benefits and key features of Mailshake
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Pipedrive Sales Apps and Pipedrive Marketplace


[1:40] Pablo Discusses Email Deliverability at Mailshake

Pablo, an account executive at Mailshake, discusses email deliverability alongside the multi-channel approach of their self engagement platform.

"Their goal is to keep your inboxes safe and my inbox is safe."

[05:11] How Pablo Uses Mailshake and Team Structuring to Lead Prospects

Pablo explains how his team uses Mailshake alongside Pipedrive to acquire new business. They use a multichannel approach of emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn engagement to build trust with prospects.

"We rely only on those two tools. The workflow is we put prospects into a campaign once they engage with us, the the SDR's job is to create a deal in Pipedrive and notifying me."

[9:21] Deliverability and Cold Emails

Bruce and Pablo discuss deliverability and the differences between cold and warm emails. They talk about the importance of warming up your email inboxes, as well as cleaning and testing your data. They also discuss the importance of trusting your reputation online.

"You want to build that reputation. It takes a couple of months, you have ways with an AI system to shrink it in two days or weeks."

"Our differentiator is deliverability is how to get in the inbox so you can book more meetings versus flashy integrations and AI that are great."

[22:09] Integrating Mailshake and Pipedrive

Bruce and Pablo discuss how easy it is to integrate Mailshake with Pipedrive, and what the integration process involves.

"Integration takes five minutes. You need to have admin access. You just connect with the tool, grant access to it, and then when you create the campaigns at Mailshake, have the specific campaign at Mailshake to match the list of leads or the deal stage or whatever it is you have in Pipedrive for them to communicate effectively."

[24:13] Pablo's Story: Starting the Outbound AE Program at Mailshake and Building a Great Company Culture

Pablo talks about his journey from being an SDR to founding the outbound team at Mailshake. He also shares his thoughts on building a great company culture, which he believes is essential for fostering mental wellbeing in the workplace.

"The role of an SDR is to cold call people, cold email people, again in the hopes of getting conversations."

[29:20] Pablo Discusses Leadership and Team Development

Pablo talks about leadership, team development, and creating a better work environment. He emphasizes the importance of culture, leadership, and a supportive environment to help people thrive at work.

"My goal is to have that knowledge and apply to any team today, so they can just thrive as teams, because that would therefore bring happiness to them."

[31:47] Tips on Getting Started with Mailshake

Pablo from talks about his favorite use cases of Mailshake, and gives advice on how to get started and excel with the platform.

[34:51] Best Practices for Email Deliverability

Pablo offers advice when it comes to email deliverability. He suggests focusing on deliverability as a way to stay competitive and ensure that emails are being delivered to the inbox.


In this episode, Bruce and Pablo discussed Mailshake, a cold email automation tool for sales and marketing professionals. They cover the benefits of using Mailshake, its key features, integrations and much more.

Check out the full conversation here

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