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#42 - Hints, George Levin

February 21, 2023
George Levin, Co-founder & CEO of Hints talks to Bruce Bignell.

George Levin, Co-founder & CEO of Hints talks us through how you can save 60 minutes of your day by using the Hints AI assistant to update your CRM for you. Hints is an AI assistant that makes it easy for you to update your favourite tools like Pipedrive and Notion via chat. You can use it to create and update deals, contacts, and tasks assigned to deals all done via a messenger like WhatsApp.

Check out the Hints demo:

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Podcast summary & key takeaways

On this episode of Evolve Pipedrive Podcast, Bruce Biggle interviews George Levin, the co-founder and CEO of Hints. They discuss George's startup journey and how Hints fits into the Pipedrive marketplace. He also discusses the journey of building his startup with his co-founders.  George talks about how integrating Hints AI with Pipedrive can be used for various use cases and how it can save time and energy.


  • AI is a crucial component for Hints and business owners should be educating their staff on the technology.
  • Hints integrates with multiple messaging platforms, productivity software, and Pipedrive.
  • George discusses the importance of speed when launching a new business and how it can help unlock additional rounds of fundraising.
  • George from Hints AI talks about how their integration can be utilized for various use cases and how it can save time and energy.


[01:22] George Levin Introduces Hints

George Levin introduces his startup, Hints. Hints is an AI system that connects messengers and productivity software to speed up the process of creating and updating records. AI is a crucial component because it can understand natural text and voice commands, saving users time.

"AI is a crucial key component because without AI you need to update field by field in the CRM. And with AI you can just use your natural text or even voice text and basically tell our AI system what you want and it will understand you and will parse your text and will update all the fields accordingly."

[10:24] How Business Owners are Treating GPT Technology

Business owners are using GPT technology to solve problems and increase productivity. They must educate their staff on the technology and find the right people to use it, as it is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, they need to be aware of which messaging platforms are more popular in different regions.

"Having a system like this there isn't really an excuse for your reps. It doesn't matter how much of a laggard your old sales reps are or your new sales reps just don't know the system they know how to use WhatsApp and other messengers."

[15:13] What's the Roadmap for 2023?

George is preparing for their official launch of their product by March. They are introducing a team plan, as well as focusing on product marketing and influencer marketing.

"We're just looking for these people, explaining to them how the product works and growing through this partnership."

[17:50] How Does Hints Work with Pipedrive?

Hints is integrated directly to Pipedrive and can be connected in just 10 seconds. It also integrates with Notion, ClickUp, Jira, Trello, Google Calendar, and Airtable. There are links in the description below for a demo and discounts.

[20:14] Avoiding Mistakes as a Second Time Founder

George, a second time founder, talks about the mistakes to avoid and what he likes about working with his co-founder.

"So if I need to decide between fast and great, no doubt, no hesitation, I choose fast”.

[21:49] The Rule of Thumb for Quick vs Good

George discusses the importance of speed when launching a new business and emphasizes the need to collect feedback from users. Bruce shares his rule of thumb, which is, ‘ it doesn't have to be perfect, but it can't be shit”. Geroge also explains how moving quickly can help unlock additional rounds of fundraising and other benefits.

[25:13] The Journey of Two Co-Founders Building a Startup

George talks about the journey of building up his startup with his co-founders. They had great experience from their previous startups, and decided to invite them to become co-founders this time around. Alex is in charge of product, while George focuses on marketing and fundraising. They are constantly raising money to keep their startup growing, but they enjoy the pressure it brings.

"I like this pressure for some reason. It feels boring without all this pressure."

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