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#47 - Mastering Sales in the Digital Age

April 26, 2023
Bruce speaks with sales exert and trainer,Candice D'Angelo.

In this episode of the Evolve Pipedrive Podcast, Bruce Bignell spoke with Candice D'Angelo, a sales expert and founder of The Selling Lab. They discussed the challenges and opportunities in the world of sales, the role of technology and automation, and the importance of maintaining a balance between these tools and the human touch.

Key Points of the Discussion

The Power of Sales Coaching

Candice emphasized the value of sales coaching for reps, stating, "Sales coaching is really meant to challenge you, encourage you, and help you with your sales process."Adapting to Digital SalesCandice and Bruce discussed the shift towards digital sales and the learning curve associated with it.

Utilizing CRM Data for Sales Improvement

They talked about the benefits of using a CRM like Pipedrive for sales managers and business owners. Candice explained, "Having a CRM to be able to show you in either data form or visual form or whatever form it is that's the one great benefit about having a CRM."

Balancing Automation and the Human Touch

Candice highlighted the importance of not over-automating sales processes, saying, "I don't think that just because you can automate it doesn't mean you should automate it."

Embracing Opportunities and Facing Challenges in the Sales Space

Candice shared her excitement and concerns about the digital sales space: "I love it and at the same time I'm afraid of it."

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- @the_selling_lab

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