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#48 - Isiah Pasquale, Bread & Butter

May 11, 2023
Bruce talks to Isiah Pasquale, CEO at Bread & Butter.

In this podcast, Bruce Bignell interviews Isiah Pasquale, CEO of Bread and Butter, a company that helps you turn visitors into prospects instantly. Remove conversion friction, send real user data to your CRM and continue learning about your prospects as they navigate your site.. They discuss the importance of following passions, the challenges of pivoting into different roles, and how Bread and Butter helps small to medium-sized businesses remove conversion friction, send real user data to your CRM and continue learning about your prospects as they navigate your site.

Show Notes:

Introduction to Isiah Pasquale and Bread & Butter

  • Isiah's journey from a varsity basketball player to a software developer and CEO of Bread and Butter.
  • Bread and Butter focuses on helping small to medium-sized businesses with increasing lead quality, improving workflows, and solving CRM pain points, integrating directly with platforms like Pipedrive.

Ideal Customer Profile and Conversion Tools

  • Small to medium-sized businesses using their website for marketing.
  • Out-of-the-box conversion tools like widgets with social logins to help businesses convert visitors into leads.

Bread and Butter Success Stories

  • A consulting business that improved lead generation and conversion by integrating Bread and Butter with Pipedrive
  • An e-commerce company that gained insights into user behavior and optimized marketing efforts through the integration

Pipedrive Automation Challenges

  • Difficulty in updating multiple deals associated with a single person
  • Desire for more robust automation for better syncing between deals and person records
  • Quotation: "I would love to see a more robust automation system within Pipedrive that allows for better syncing between deals and person records so that everything stays up-to-date and aligned."

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