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#49 - Dan Huru, MeetGeek

July 18, 2023
Bruce Bignell talks to the CEO & Co-founder of MeetGeek, Dan Huru.

In this episode of the Evolve Pipedrive Podcast,  Bruce and Dan explore the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools into business practices, focusing specifically on improving meeting efficiency. They discuss how MeetGeek has the potential to reduce meeting time by up to 20% by generating executive summaries that can be shared with non-attendee team members. The conversation evolves to emphasize the significance of shifting the tool's benefits from individual use to team-wide application, thereby revolutionizing intra-team information sharing. Throughout their discussion, they underscore the vital role of user feedback in refining the tool's features and advocate for ongoing development, all while aiming to enhance its integration with the Pipedrive platform for a more personalized, automated user experience.


Integration of AI Tools in Business Meetings

  • Bruce and Dan discuss the deployment of an AI tool to enhance efficiency during customer-facing calls.
  • MeetGeek is expected to reduce meeting time by 20%, as executives can share summaries instead of requiring all parties to be present.
  • An "aha" moment is expected when the tool proves its value in real-world settings.

Transition from Individual to Team Value

  • The next level of implementation involves integrating the tool into workflows, thus contributing not just to individual value but to overall team value.
  • The tool can fundamentally change how information sharing is achieved within the team, creating a mindset shift.

Feedback and Continuous Development

  • The team welcomes feedback and feature requests for further development of the tool.
  • Channels available for feedback include chat support, email, and a public roadmap where users can vote and comment.

Integration with Pipedrive

  • Listeners are encouraged to provide feedback about potential feature requests for integration with the Pipedrive platform.
  • The integration aims to automate and personalize the user experience with additional options on how to configure the workflows.

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