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#54 - Moz, Chima Mmeje

January 8, 2024
Bruce Bignell talks to Chima Mmeje, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Moz.

In this podcast, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Moz, Chima Mmeje and Bruce Bignell dive into the evolving landscape of SEO and content marketing, highlighting the critical role of AI. They discuss leveraging AI for efficient content creation and the ethical considerations that come with it.

The conversation covers AI's utility in keyword research, topic generation, and optimizing content for both search engines and user intent. Chima  emphasizes the irreplaceable value of original research in SEO and shares strategies for building thought leadership and trust. The discussion also touches on crafting user-centric content and the importance of continuously monitoring and adapting content strategies in a dynamic digital marketing environment.


  • How Chima uses AI for content
  • How to build thought leadership in 2024
  • How to create a content marketing strategy on a budget
  • Ethics of AI
  • How you should optimise your content for re-purposing
  • Top tips for building high quality backlinks
  • What to do if your content isn't performing well
  • What's in Chima's tech stack

Summary of Key Talking Points

Part 1 - AI in Content Marketing

The initial part of the conversation revolves around the role of AI in content marketing. Chima Mmeje discusses the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into content creation, emphasizing its efficiency and potential for scaling content production. However, she cautions about the ethical implications of AI, stressing the importance of human oversight in automation. The talk also touches upon how AI tools can assist in keyword research and content ideation, making the process more data-driven and effective.

Part 2 - Optimising for Search Engines & User Intent

Chima Mmeje and Bruce Bignell focus on optimizing content for search engines and understanding user intent. They discuss how AI tools can be leveraged to analyze and interpret user queries, enabling the creation of content that aligns more closely with what users are searching for. Mmeje emphasizes the significance of aligning content with search intent, ensuring that it answers users' questions and needs effectively. This section of the conversation highlights the importance of a user-centric approach in content marketing, driven by insights gathered through AI analytics.

Part 3 - The Importance of Original Research

Chima Mmeje discusses the vital role of original research in SEO. She highlights how unique, data-driven content can significantly impact a website's search rankings and credibility. Mmeje explains that original research offers value that cannot be replicated by AI, emphasizing the importance of human input and expertise. This segment of the conversation underlines the significance of creating content based on fresh insights and real-world data, distinguishing a brand as a thought leader in its field.

Part 4 - Continuously Improving your Content

In the final part of the podcast, Chima Mmeje and Bruce Bignell discuss the importance of continuously monitoring and adapting content strategies. Mmeje emphasizes the dynamic nature of SEO and digital marketing, highlighting the need for content to evolve in response to changing search engine algorithms and user behaviors. She suggests regularly reviewing and updating content to maintain relevance and effectiveness. This segment underscores the ongoing process of refining digital marketing strategies to stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.


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