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Founders Journey - Praveen Kumar, Klenty

Praveen Kumar tells us about the story behind Klenty. Klenty is a Sales Engagement Software to send personalized emails & automated follow-ups at scale.

Founders Journey - Arttu Haho, Trustmary

Arttu Haha, tells us about his founders journey at Trustmary. Trustmary makes it easy to display reviews on your website and manage all your social proof on one simple platform.

Founders Journey - Markus Lemming, Outfunnel

Markus Lemming tells us about his founder journey at Outfunnel. Outfunnel keeps customer data in sync across sales and marketing tools, and records all marketing engagement in your CRM. This helps marketers save time and lets sales focus on the right leads.

Founders Journey - Cory Brown, Simplesat

Cory Brown tells us the story behind Simplesat. Simplesat is the most engaging CSAT survey tool on the market. It integrates with all major help desks and is delightfully easy to use with one-click surveys for service teams.

Founders Journey - Chris Brisson, Salesmsg

Chris Brisson tells us about the story behind Salesmsg. Salesmsg gives you a simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations online or from your mobile phone.

Founders Journey

In this series you’ll hear the stories behind 12 SaaS startups, directly from the founders themselves. So if you’re currently a founder, or have ambitions of launching your own startup one day, then these founders' stories are guaranteed to inspire. 

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