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How to improve your email deliverability with Mailshake

We had the pleasure of speaking to Pablo Gallego, account executive at Mail Shake on the Evolve Pipedrive Podcast. In this post we'll cover the main talking points of our conversation with Pablo.

#40 Podcast – IRIS, Russell Bigg (Transcript)

In the latest edition of the Evolve Pipedrive Podcast we sat down with Russell Bigg, the Chanel Director for IRIS to learn more about how IRIS can help sales team get rid of background noise. 

Founders Journey - Hayk Hayrapetyan, SmartSender

Hayk Hayrapetyan tells us about the story behind SmartSender. SmartSender provides enterprise-level omni-channel marketing services to large-scale marketers. Make your Email, SMS, Push and Messenger marketing more effective with industry-leading deliverability with the SmartSender platform.

Founders Journey - David Maurice Chevalier, Surfe

David Maurice Chevalier tells us about the story behind Surfe. Surfe helps you make your CRM work on Linkedin. They help you reach your goals by adding contacts and synchronizing messages from LinkedIn to your CRM.

Founders Journey - Gaurav Sharma, JustCall

Gaurav Sharma tells us about the story behind JustCall. JustCall is a Cloud phone system purpose-built to boost rep productivity and add superpowers to your CRM.

Founders Journey - Krish Ramineni, Fireflies.ai

Krish Ramineni tells us about the story behind Fireflies.ai. Fireflies.ai is automates your meeting notes and helps your team record, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations.

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Our team specialise in getting the most out of Pipedrive. We implement, consult and train, all things Pipedrive, building integrations between apps, automating your processes, and helping you to manage your data. We work with the best sales and marketing apps to generate leads, drive growth and reduce manual work.

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